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Business Insurance

These days it’s easier than ever to get business insurance wrong. On-line tick-boxes often result in paying for business insurance that you don’t need, or being underinsured when it comes to the crunch.
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Trade Insurance

Trade insurance is designed to cover the needs of trade related businesses, such as plumbers, electricians and builders. We understand that your trade is your livelihood, and that you can’t afford to take unnecessary risks.
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Business Insurance for Professionals

We understand what kind of business insurance you need for your profession. Business insurance for professionals provides comprehensive cover for all your business insurance needs.
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Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

Commercial motor vehicle insurance covers a full range of events from accidental loss or damage, fire, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage or storm damage to your business vehicles.
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Construction Insurance

Construction sites can be dangerous places. That’s why construction insurance is so important to have if you own, run or manage any kind of construction site from a multi story development to an owner builder dwelling.
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Farm Insurance

We understand that in farming, your business is your livelihood. So you can’t afford to take chances with either your farm insurance or your home and contents insurance cover.
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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is compulsory for all employers, and Health and Safety requirements vary from state to state. We have the experience and expertise to simplify the management of your workers compensation insurance obligations.
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Not for Profit Organisations Insurance

Designed for volunteer groups and community groups, Not for Profit organisations (NFPO) insurance covers your organisation’s public liability exposure and gives you the peace of mind when you need to carry on with your good work.
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